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Welcome to RILIEVO!INTRO:Welcome! This app would to help you in your work of architectural survay. With this software you can store and check you survay easly! No more open perimeter or dimension forgotten! You can immediatly view your drawing and adjust it real-time!
HOW IT WORKS:Just open the application you find the first point already inserted. By tapping on the point 1 is opened the context menu with the buttons for the next point or line. Using the keypad you can enter the relative coordinates or press the "dir" button to indicate the direction.Use all existing point to create another line or point.
The context menu also allows to edit and delete the existing elements. In this version you can also make offsets of the lines by using the line context menu.
The app store the survey in DXF format into an external storage folder named "Rilievo". You can also to IMPORT simple DXF external file into drawing.
EXPERIMENTAL: conncect your disto for very fast insertion! By pairing bluetooth SPP device to your disto you can insert measurement directly into focused fields! This is an experimental feature... so report to me any trouble!